Solid wood flooring

The raw beauty of oak

Even when you see this flooring for the first time, you already know you are dealing with real wood. You will want to touch it just to feel its strength.

The raw beauty of oak finished with natural oil wax is not for everyone, however. It doesn’t glisten with cheap lacquer. These are real, solid wood floors for people with character.


Oak builds trust


Strong, Polish oak is the heart of our floors.
It is a mighty tree that lasts for ages.

For 14 years, we have been making beautiful and long-lasting solid flooring from its wood. 15 or 21 mm solid oak boards give you 100% certainty that this floor is a real floor, not a thin plastic strip immersed in lacquer or laminate. Maybe this is why our flooring is used in a part of Wawel Castle?


Harmony and depth

Why are so many people abandoning cheap, low-budget planks for solid and strong wood?


Why do you need a real oak floor? What do you wish to achieve? We aren’t going to try and guess.

Our expert will listen to all of your expectations and will advise you, free of charge, on what type of flooring will harmonize with your interior and provide depth in every room. We will provide flooring that will enchant you every day.

It’s alive

You have to know something about solid wood floors.


They change.
In the winter, when air humidity drops, a floor contracts slightly, and the natural gaps between floorboards take on expressive shapes. In the summer, the opposite is true – they begin to expand slightly and these gaps begin to disappear. Thanks to this flexibility, solid wood flooring lasts for several hundred years.
Are you ready for a floor like this?


Naturally finished

We let the wood breathe because we recommend maintenance with oil wax. Oil maintains and hardens the wood from the inside. It penetrates inside the wood, reinforcing its structure and protecting it against cracking. Wax treats the wood on the outside.
It protects the floor from drying out and penetration of dirt and water.

Oil wax brings out the colors and ring contours of the wood. Because of it, a floor becomes warmer and more pleasant to the touch – so much that one wants to walk barefoot over it. Some people even say they like to lay down on it!


We will take care of everything


Wood requires preparation. When someone lays down a wood floor on weak or damp concrete, the floor begins to warp or even detach. But you don’t have to worry about this! Our installers will check everything first to avoid problems and laying the floor anew. They are capable of handling everything and will install a floor that will serve you for many years.

One more thing – flooring will be delivered to you with an oil wax finish, so it will be ready to use. Laying of a floor usually lasts one day, so you can move in the next day!


Is this right for you?

Write to us or call us. We will arrange a meeting at a time and place that is convenient for you.

kolory-podlogi-debowejAn expert will come to show you beautiful flooring samples and to give you advice on which floor will match your interior. Then you will decide. If you say “yes”, we will take the necessary measurements and begin working on your order. At the appointed time, we will arrive at your home and install your new flooring and strips, because this requires much experience.
And everything’s ready. Sounds good, right?


Be the first


We always fill orders in the order they are placed.
If you don’t want to wait too long for your new, beautiful solid wood floor – write to us or call us today.
You will make your final decision later, when you see what we offer you.