About us

We help you make the home of your dreams,

so that you and your loved ones have a place where you can gladly stay and host guests with pride.

How we began manufacturing floorboards and wooden staircases

As a family, we know perfectly well how important a role the home plays – it is not just a residence but a living space. It is a place where you are happy to stay and host guests with pride. This is why we use our experience to make your dreams come true. Thanks to a tradition passed down for many generations, which we are continuing, together, we create floors and staircases only from natural wood and additions of the highest quality so that they serve you and your loved ones for years.

Our history begins in the mid-80’s – it was then that our father, who had a great passion for woodworking, established his own woodworking plant, following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather (he had been a manager at a large woodworking plant). At the beginning, he created various finishing elements and joinery for homes, as a craftsman – windows, doors, floors, staircases and furniture – all made of solid wood of the highest quality.

His passion also led him to cooperate with professor Wiktor Zin. Together, they worked to preserve Polish heritage by restoring and reconstructing wooden elements of historical monuments and sacred architecture that had deteriorated over time, mainly in Kraków and Sandomierz as well as in smaller towns in the Małopolska voivodeship.

In 2002, dad began serial production of solid oak floorboards for a large distributor in Kraków and the Małopolska voivodeship (without oil wax or lacquer finish). As it happened, a few years later, I was renovating an apartment in Warsaw and needed flooring. My brother, whose passion is creating colors, came to my assistance. With high-quality, raw, solid floorboards from dad, he created a unique and inimitable floor with oil wax finish for me. This when we realized that these skills shouldn’t be kept within the family.

From that time on, we have manufactured tens of thousands of square meters of finished, ready-to-use (without scraping) solid and layered flooring for apartments, houses and public institutions. We also deliver wooden staircases in a color and style matching the floor for houses and 2-storey apartments. Our customers are mainly from central and southern Poland, but we have also been exporting our flooring abroad for some time now. Well-known store chains specializing in flooring, warehouses, architectural design offices and finishing companies are among the distributors of our floorboards.

We currently also reach our customers directly. The essence of our work is to deliver real wood floors – floors that will serve our customers for decades, providing them with a stable base and strong foundation of their home’s interior decoration.

Best regards,

Kinga Andrzejewska