A floor like new – for a long time, effortlessly

When you don’t have time to care for your floor, and you want it to look beautiful, as if it was laid yesterday, for as long as possible – call for help, we know what to do.

Want to get the dirty work over with?



A floor finished with oil wax must be cared for well during the first 5 years of its use, because the process of oil penetration is ongoing, and wax may wear off during this time.

Maintenance that ensures that your floor will have a long life (probably even 100 years) is a process that must be looked after.

We will send our specialists to you, with the proper equipment, to perpetuate the things that delight you most in your floor.


“Oh no, what now?”

finishing ashwood surface by hand-held belt sander

Accidents happen. A child drops a cup on the floor, something slips from your hand, and instantly, there is a blemish on your floor. Maybe the wood, subjected to strain in an excessively dry room, will reveal an ugly gap, and something will have to be done fast.

Flooring finished with oil wax is repaired locally, without inconvenience, because you don’t have to move out for scraping.


 Floor scraping

And if your floor is many years old, was lacquered or poorly finished, and you want to restore it – we are at your disposal. You’re welcome.