Layered wooden flooring

We have done the impossible

This is a floor like none before it, although the technology is well-known. Those who have not seen or touched it are missing out on something great.

3 layers of solid wood in one panel, finished with oil wax, finally available at the manufacturer’s price, without a retail margin.




With every step, you feel as though you are walking on something perfect


You can clearly see every ring on the wood, and the feel is so natural.
Some people want to walk on this floor only barefoot!
Oak floorboards are a surprisingly perfect combination of beauty and the natural perfection of wood. They give a feeling of pride that you are providing your family with something so exceptional under their feet.


A rich experience


These floors are the foundation of good well-being.
They were made with an exceptional and much loved home in mind. A home that you return to eagerly and where you feel a natural peace. Your place in the world, the only one different from any other. The home that provides respite, the comfort of being in another world insulated from chaos and anxiety.


Uncompromising durability of unending experiences


Was created based on breakthrough technology of combining 3 layers of wood into one integral whole. Alternatingly arranged layers of strong wood guarantee that the beauty of this flooring will never fade.

The wood’s natural reaction to strain no longer forms ugly gaps or tensions in the floor. This flooring does not crack, is resistant to impact (unless you want to destroy it with a pickaxe), and is not deformed by accidentally spilled coffee, tea or milk. Although it is very strong, it constantly surprises with its lightness and natural appeal.


More beautiful with every passing year!


You can clearly see every ring on the wood, and the feel is so natural. Thanks to natural oil wax that penetrates deep into the wood, your floor becomes more beautiful with every year that passes. Its durability is not the only amazing thing about it.
Thanks to an exterior layer of oil wax, this floor has something that makes you constantly want to touch it.
Will you resist the urge?


Doesn’t take up your time – naturally giving of itself

One of the most important advantages of real wood flooring with an oil wax finish is the absence of electrostatic charges. This is the complete opposite of lacquer. Thanks to oil wax, Kolibri floors do not become electrically charged and do not gather dust. This means that you are not robbed of your time due to maintenance.

Besides this, you probably know that most modern allergies are related to dust. So if a floor doesn’t attract dust…


Good health!

podlogi bezpieczne dla dzieci

KOLIBRI floors are 100% safe for the environment – they do not emit any harmful chemical compounds because they are made from real wood, and wood is a friendly material. The application of oil wax frees a home from the toxins that seep from lacquered flooring for years, like poison.

The oil wax we use is so safe that it is used to finish wooden toys. This is important if you have or wish to have children.



The difference is enormous


Ordinary flooring is made with the average consumer in mind, who does not look for quality, only at price. From the very first floorboard we made, we wanted to provide the feeling of individual beauty, far removed from mass-produced low-budget solutions.

This is because budget means something different to us. The point is that flooring once bought serves for as long as possible.

And when you accidentally damage your floor – instead of replacing or scraping it entirely, Kolibri floors are repaired only where damage was done, without turning your home upside down!


Flooring with care?

If this flooring is to serve you for 80 years, it must be maintained one year after installation. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. You have 3 types of service packages to choose from, and each of them goes one step further in caring for your floor. We will present these options to you at our first meeting.


Is this right for you?

Write to us or call us. We will arrange a meeting at a time and place that is convenient for you.


An expert will come to show you beautiful flooring samples and to give you advice – if you wish – on which floor will match your interior. Then you will decide. If you say “yes”, we will take the necessary measurements and begin working on your order. At the appointed time, we will arrive at your home and install your new flooring and strips, because this requires much experience.

And everything’s ready. Sounds good, right?


Be the first

Podlogi-warstwowe-spotkanie425x380bWe always fill orders in the order they are placed.
If you don’t want to wait too long for your new, beautiful wooden floor – write to us or call us today.
You will make your final decision later, when you see what we offer you.