Wooden staircases

Are you thinking about stairs like this?

You want to order a wooden staircase, yes? So that it matches your interior perfectly – preferably in the same color as your floor.

And is also beautiful, functional, durable and very safe? With free advice from a professional interior decorator as well? No false modesty – you will find everything here. But don’t make any hasty decisions, start by contacting us.


What’s your dream?

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We have been making staircases from different species of wood for 20 years.

They always have one thing in common, however – our staircases are much more than just a ladder to the next floor. A staircase must be practical, durable, beautiful and safe. We give it a soul, its own character. The one closest to you.



You don’t have to be an expert


Before we design a staircase for you, we will measure everything precisely to base our design on solid foundations.

After that, an installer with the soul of an artist will begin work. Because every home is different, and you won’t find the perfect staircase on a store shelf. You can probably imagine your staircase; we will help you make it a reality.



How do you imagine it?

To be clear – no one can force you to do anything. Our specialists serve with their advice, but it is meant to amaze you into saying: “that’s exactly what I had in mind!” They will show you an entire array of staircases. They will assist you in bringing out the beauty of your home while ensuring functionality and safety. What is it that you want?


Is this right for you?

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Write to us or call us. We will arrange a meeting at a time and place that is convenient for you.

An expert will come, take a look, take measurements and give advice. Then you will decide. If you say “yes”, we will begin work. When the staircase is ready, we arrive at your home to install your new stairs, because this requires much experience in practice.

And everything’s ready. Is this arrangement satisfactory to you?



Be the first

We always fill orders in the order they are placed. If you don’t want to wait too long for your new, beautiful staircase – write to us or call us today. You will make your final decision later, when you see what we offer you.