Flooring colors

See colors in person

Many customers wonder which color to choose.

As you can see below, there is a large selection. Maybe even larger. But no monitor will show you the real appearance of a floor.

This is why we have a proposition for you:

We will come to you or meet in the city for coffee. You will see for yourself what our flooring looks like, not like in an exhibit at a store, where artificial lighting alters colors. You can touch samples to feel what it would be like to walk over them! Yes, this must decidedly be felt, because you will be walking over your floor for many long years, and it better be pleasant, right?

If you wish – we will advise you on what to choose.
If you wish, we will create a unique color for you (This is how the color for Mrs. Jadwiga was created, which we called “Mrs. Jadwiga’s Oak”).
If you wish, we will make your floor truly yours!


Flooring colors – Light shades

Flooring colors – Medium shades

Flooring colors – Dark shades